Name: Trex
Occupation: Mercenary/Slaver
Race: Trandoshan
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-30’s
Allignment: Hutt Consortium
Appearance: Average-sized bipedal reptilian, light green/yellowish colouring. Very lightly scarred for a Trandoshan. Wears custom leather armour with green accents.

So Far: While working as a slaver for Teemo the Hutt, Trex stumbled across an Imperial bounty for I’kin Abath who he had seen working on Last Hope station. Before he could turn in the bounty though, his ship the Krayt Fang was stolen by our intrepid heroes and he was captured and turned in to Nar Shadda security for a bounty. Resigned to his fate Trex settled in when both the best and worst thing that could possibly happen, happened, his brother Drex arrived to rescue him. Now serving under his terrifying siblings command, he seeks vengeance against the new crew of the Krayt Fang and escape from his brother.
Status: Active



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